Brian Arnold Scholarship

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Brian Arnold was the Music Director of the Mason Orchestral Society's Community Orchestra from 1976-1985, and the Junior Orchestra for 1981-82. He was also a member of the MSU Symphony and Lansing Chamber Orchestra in the mid-70s and was an accomplished violist. He was loved and respected by those who were fortunate enough to know him. Sadly, Brian lost his battle with cancer at a very young age, leaving behind a wife and family.

The orchestra felt a great sense of loss and a need to honor Brian's memory in some meaningful way. A music scholarship seemed the perfect tribute, and the Brian Arnold Scholarship program was set up.

Each May, the MOS has presented the Brian Arnold Scholarship Concert. Donations raised at this concert are then awarded to deserving young musicians and members of the MOS, on the basis of auditions held in March and April The awards are presented at our Spring Concert in May. One youth musician was especially honored to receive one of the Scholarship Awards. Kristin Arnold, a violinist was an award recipient in 1999 & 2001. Winning this award was important to her because Brian Arnold was her father.

Only a few of the current orchestra members had an opportunity to know Brian, this kind, hardworking man who volunteered his time and talents to help bring music awareness to the community. Yet we all have reason to be forever grateful to Brian Arnold for his gift to us and to the community.

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